the team


Valeria Zhelezniakova – head of development

Lera is a cinema specialist, doesn’t wear tights, doesn’t know how to ride a bike (but is learning), was born on the same day as Dziga Vertov, but not in the same year unfortunately. Specialises in Soviet Cinema and frantic festival activity. Shoe size 35, height 163 cm.


Artem Gansburg – coordninator of the the “Real Cinema” program

Film critic and editor. Born on the same day as Oscar Wilde, Arnold Böcklin and Karl Kautsky. He holds his creative idol Sergei Isevich Yutkevic in the highest esteem. Practices physiognomy as a hobby. Has on numerous occasions participated in coproductions, the last, the consuming of a extravagant shawarma. Shoe size 46.5 Height approximately 178


Alena Krivilla – assistant program Director Filmmaker, singer, lover of beer, cocktail James Bond, meat and cameramen. On weekends, singing songs, watching “Just you wait!” and transfer of Alexander Nevzorov. Able to work with idiots and thrown out of their jobs outside their possessions. Last man was smart as God. Nobody wants to see herself naked, because it’s really scary. shoes size 39, height 180


Fyodor Druzin – Creative Director. Producer, dreams of a better quality and more interesting film industry both in Russia and abroad, maintains an excessive amount of hope. Works in London, Saint Petersburg, Boston, Melbourne and Bishkek. Shoe size 42, height 175

Vitaliy Sorokin -Technical director

26 years old, DOP, overall a pleasant individual. Willing to participate in anything and everything, never looks for material gain. Was born on the international day of beauty, which in part characterizes him quite well. Dresses like a dandy, shoe size 46, but the left 46.5


Yaroslav Kuzin – Financial consultant


Ilia Shaidurov – press atache

Journalist, musician , 25 years old. Wanted to become an astronaut  and fly away to the Mars. Was born in Siberia, last few years has lived in Saint-Petersburg. Dreams to become a great chef and open his own restaurant. Likes good movies and beautiful girls. Shoe size 41, height 178.

Yana Mahalova – Coordinator

Ready to suffer for the sake of art, (for a slight bit of gratitude), don’t like journalism, but am studying to be one (which is why I’m ready to suffer for art). Shoe size 37, height 165


Aleksandr Seppius – Manager of cultural relations

Sociopath, neurasthenic, know how to fly, know how to make birds nests, don’t know hot to call rain, can’t read roman numerals, sing badly, terrible on the violin, don’t know how to use a sword, lose control of my will at the sound of a flute, at the sight of sex pass out. Shoe size 45, Height 198