Alexander Bashirov bright, shocking and extremely popular actor and Director of Russian cinema. He began his acting career in the second half of the 80-ies in such iconic films as «Alien White Speckled», «AssA» and «Igla». His acting work impress with their originality and ease. He played and Paul the First in the series «the Golden age», and Фердыщенко in the controversial project «Down house». He is known as the Director of the famous in the late 90s артхаусной tape «the Iron heel of oligarchy», as well as the permanent head of the film Studio «Deboshir Film». Over sixteen years, Alexander Bashirov flying the flag of independent film, organizing the international festival «Pure dreams», which is always shocking синефилов avant-garde films.

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Alexander Nikolaevich Bashirov

Actor, writer, Director, producer. The recipient of numerous awards, including the special – tion prize Sochi «Kinotavr», established by the International Federation of cinema press (1998), the heads of the prize Tiger Award film festival Rotterdam (1999), a prize for best European film кинофе – стиваля in Alexandria (for the film «the Iron heel of oligarchy», 1999).

Born on September 24, 1955 in the village of Согом Тюмен – oblast. Graduated from VGIK (workshop of Anatoly Vasilyev, the first two years he studied in the Studio of Igor Talankin). In 1990-1991 he studied at the «Берхов Studio» (new York, actor’s workshop, Lawrence Арансио). The movie debuted as an actor in 1986 in the film of Sergei Solovyov «Alien White Speckled» in the role of a Crank. In 1987, played the role of major air force Babakin in another film Soloviev, «AssA». The next bright role – Spartak in the film Rashid Nugmanova «Igla» (1988). In 1996 organized Studio «Deboshir Film», where in 1998 took full-length debut film «the Iron heel of oligarchy». In this film Bashirov made at the same time as a writer, producer, Director and actor, playing the role of Nikolay Petrovich – the unlucky organizer of the revolution against the oligarchy. The film was highly acclaimed by the audience and film critics and received many international awards. In 1999 he made a feature documentary film «Belgrade, Belgrade!». Over the years of his acting career, starring in more than seven – ten films and TV series.