special program

This year the festival «Pure Dreams» does not change his inimitable style – we again open entrance to the territory of art, combining all his movies, music, photography, video art and many others. For the first time we have prepared a unique program of Internet-video – new format of independent art program Will take place the canadian cinema Temenuga Trifonova Director, writer, doctor of Sciences York University, Toronto, Canada. In addition to the two grant programs, this year the festival has prepared a retrospective, a special program of Canada, program, network of independent video and special Izhevsk program.

Canada in focus Favorite cartoons Norman McLaren and Colin Lowe Norman McLaren and Colin Low (selected short films approximately 60 Sunset of the American Empire (Le déclin de l’empire américain) / Denis Arkan / 98 Brothers C.R.A.Z.Y. / C.R.A.Z.Y / Jean-Marc Vallee / 127 Anti-capitalist retro 1. The iron heel of oligarchy / Alexander Bashirov / Russia / 75 2. Mother / Vsevolod Pudovkin / USSR / 89 3. And still I believe / Marlen Khutsiev, Elem Klimov, Mikhail Romm / USSR / 127 4. Grapes of wrath / John Ford / USA / 219 5. Greed / Erich von Stroheim / USA / 239 «Стервочки» «Стервочки» / Ilya Vereshchagin / Russia / the First, second and third seasons – 82 + 110 + 120