The XVI International Independent Film Festival “Pure Dreams – DeboshirFilmFest” in Saint-Petersburg.

1. The XVI International Independent Film Festival “Pure Dreams – DeboshirFilmFest” (hereinafter referred to as the “Festival”) aims to offer a quality selection of worldwide independent, innovative and avant-garde cinema and visual arts. The Festival is a centre for discovering and popularization cinematographic talents. Along with that the Festival is reflexes problems of artistic independency and is aiming to make clear the movement of cinema.

2. The Festival is organised and held by “DeboshirFilm Studio” and “Pure Dreams” Saint Petersburg Cinema Charitable Support Foundation without any assistance of Committee of Culture of Saint Petersburg.
The Festival takes place between 5 December – 8 December 2013 in Saint Petersburg.

3. The Festival presents full-length and short-length films of any kind. The selection of films will be finished after 1 November 2013,  to finalise the 14 November is the latest.

4. The Festival includes the following programmes:
International Competition of Fiction Full-Length Films
International Competition of Short-Length Films
“KunstKamera” ( a programme of independent films which do not reach the audience due to social, commercial, political, ethical, religious, aesthetic and other reasons).
Special, documentary, and retrospective shows.
Round-table conferences, masterclass shows, press-conferences, work-shops.
“MuzDebosh”, “ArtDebosh” – infotainment programmes of music and fine art.

5. During the entire duration of the Festival none of the films invited to participate in a competitive or any other programme may be shown more than 4 (four) times without its director’s permission or that of director’s authorized representative.
The films presented in the competitive programme of full-length and competitive programme short-length films participate in all the post-festival activities including “EhoDeboshir”, which is held in Saint-Petersburg, other regions of the Russian Federation and abroad, regardless of their copyright owners; provided that the participating film may be shown no more than 4 (four) times within the Russian Federation and the CIS and no more than 2 (two) times within non-CIS countries without its producer’s permission or that of his or her authorized representative.

6. The films of the competetive programmes are judged by an international jury.
The presiding juror has 2 (two) votes.
No person having taken part in the production or exploitation of a film in competition may be on any of both Juries. The Jury is is obliged to award a participant a prize in any category. All the members of the Jury must refrain from public comments on the subject of the participating films until the closing of the Festival.

7. The prize winners of the Festival are awarded prize statuettes and the Festival diplomas.
The following prizes and diplomas are awarded at the Festival:
Competitive programme:
The Grand Prize of International Competition of Fiction Full-Length Films and a diploma.
The Award for Best Directing and a diploma.
Competitive programme short films:
The Award for Best Film and a diploma.
The Jury special notation, in such situations the Festival diploma is awarded.

8. Submission Guidelines and Selection:
There are two ways of submitting films for selection:
a. Through an online platform. This is the preferred and most convenient way.
b. Fill in a form on our website and send us the DVD of your film to an address of: Ligovsky prospekt 53, Art-centre «Pushkinskaya,10», 191040, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
If you are sending materials from abroad, please mark the package with ‘NO COMMERCIAL VALUE; FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY’.
The applicant shall cover all postal costs. Submitted materials will not be evaluated or returned.
All materials for films must be submitted to the Festival office by 1 November 2013.
The list of films selected for the
competition programme will be published on our website. The producers and creators of the selected films will be notified in advance by email.

9. Shipping, Return of Copies, and Insurance
UPS company is strongly recommended fore sending us screening copies. Copies should be sent to the following address:
The International Film Festival «Pure Dreams – DeboshirFilmFest», Ligovsky prospekt 53, Art-centre «Pushkinskaya,10», 191040, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
If you are sending materials from abroad, please mark the package with ‘NO COMMERCIAL VALUE; FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY’.
The participant is responsible for paying for the delivery of a copy of the film to the Festival, including insuring the shipment. There may be exceptions as agreed by the Organizing Committee of the Festival.

10. Screening Formats
We advise the following formats for screening purposes during the competition programme:
DCP, or a QuickTime digital file with a FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080), 2K (1998×1080, 2048 × 1080): Apple ProRes 422 (preferred), Apple HQ, Apple DV, h.264 (with a minimum bitrate of 20 MB/s), or a Blu-ray optical disc (without menus, copy protection, or regional codes).
The sound should be mono or stereo, 48 kHz/16 bit, with a bitrate of at least 160 Kbit/sec.
We do not accept 16 x 9 format recorded as 4 x 3 films.
The screening copy must have hardcoded English subtitles if the language of the film is not English.
The file can be uploaded to our FTP site (instructions will be sent to participants separately) or sent on a hard drive or a flash memory card to our office (see address above). The media should not contain any unrelated materials or software. External drives must be equipped with all necessary data transfer and power cables (if applicable). All media should be marked with the name of the film, the name of the director, video format, FPS, and duration of the film.

11. Invitation to the Festival
Directors whose films have been selected for the programme will be invited to attend the Festival. If the director is not able to attend, his or her invitation may be transferred (with the approval of the Organisation Committee of the Festival) to another member of the film crew.
Unfortunately, as a rule, the Festival cannot cover the travel costs of participants; however, in some cases, this possibility will be considered on an individual basis.
By tradition, the Festival reserves the right to invite distinguished guests; participants in non-competition screenings, theatre and other programmes; workshop leaders; leading actors from pictures screened at the Festival; members of the media; and representatives of various cultural organizations. Payment for accommodation and travel are considered and agreed on a case-by-case basis.

12. The mass media organisations send an accreditation requests for their representatives to the Press Centre to cover the event.
All the lodging costs are covered by a sending organisation.
The Board of Directors has a right to invite certain journalists to the Festival at its costs or with partial payment of expenses.
The Board of Directors are entitled to deprive a correspondent of his or her accreditation in any moment and to restrict his or her presence at the Festival without any explanation. The ID cards are issued to the participants, guests and representatives of mass media individually at the Festival headquarters.

13. Participation in the Festival requires the unconditional agreement with its regulations as set out here.

14. The Board of Directors address:
The International Film Festival «Pure Dreams – DeboshirFilmFest», Ligovsky prospekt 53, Art-centre «Pushkinskaya,10», 191040, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
The director of the Festival: Alexander Bashirov