The festival was established in 1997 actor, Director ALEKSANDR BASHIROV and filmmaker ALEXANDER БУРЦЕВЫМ. For 16 years the festival gained prestige in Russia and in the world among the founders of the independent film. The festival has become a «social lift» for independent filmmakers in Russia. Our permanent guests and participants of the festival were the filmmakers from Finland, Latvia, England, America, Canada and other countries.

Our goal is to collect filmmakers, poets, artists, musicians and
all who selflessly devoted to the idea of independent art.

Our film is a film, not выписывающееся in ceremonial scope of large commercial festivals. the existing worldwide films by young Directors, independent from the need to satisfy невзыскательную mass culture, обезличивающую and нивелирующую the complexity of the modern person needs for mutual support and communication as well as the promotion of a human right to freedom of expression.

«Pure Dreams» is a unique event that introduces viewers to the works on commercial, political, or censorship has not accessible to a wider audience and gives the audience the chance to see the most independent and bold the low-budget cinema from around the world.

The festival is an attempt to achieve the apotheosis of взаимолюбованияи constructive self-criticism, and rumbling of this ideal in the universal scale

LogoRus1Эмблема of the festival in the form of a naked man, drawn Alexander Nikolaevich, implies naked Humanity, прикрывающееся umbrella Culture from the rain Civilization.