pure dreams

Independent cinema
Film program of the festival tries to reflect кинопейзаж modern reality. The essence of the «Дебоширфильма»the respect of bright and sincere form of presentation of the authors. It is the authors and are true masters of our festival. All this takes place in an atmosphere of mutual sincere interest, respect for freedom of development of a creative personality.

Interest to the independent cinema is high both in Russia and abroad. Many Directors who attended his paintings in the program of the festival started in the cinema of the independent studios. Now it is already well-known masters of cinema, the pictures of which participate in the festivals of the first category – Cannes, Berlin, Venice.

In different years the members of jury and participants of the festival were: Dmitry Bykov, Konstantin Лопушанский, Mikhail Gorevoy, Mikhail Efremov, Sergey Дебежев, Jari Pekka Kokko (Finland), Svetlana Baskova, Alexander Shapiro, Yucca Курисмяки (Finland), Andrey Сильверствов, Sergey Loban, Juozas Budraitis (Lithuania), Elena Кондулайнен and many others.