– «АртДебош» – program, which includes exhibitions, перформасы, master-classes of the famous figures of the visual and plastic arts.

At the festival were:

Andrey EFI and his eternal cube, Art Studio 9/8, mark Oliver (USA), Lennie Lee (UK), Anna Mishina-VAS? Kova, Anton Litvin, Maxim Iliukhin, the Group «HON.», Marina Chernikova (the Netherlands), Leo Konigsberg (Germany), Manuel Боццо (Italy), the Torah Krogh (Norway), Mitic Tsunami, Paavo Halonen (Finland), ODDDANCE, Art-group «PROSTHESIS»


The curators of the third component in 2013 will be the artists Anna and Alexey Gan. They will present to the public the creativity of contemporary artists, such as Masha Годованная, Valentina Lutsenko, the group «Tender Baba», Natalia Счастнева and others. This exhibition question, the invitation to talk. More …