«In the name of the festival is contained as an element of seriousness, as an element of self-irony. There is a notion of «factory of dreams». Festival «Pure dreams» is not just a «factory of dreams», is a platform for communication, where people really want to understand why there are, and visually record their insights, their «dreams of a better future and the dreams of a more rational and equitable system of that society. It is a place where people can devote to each other in their concepts, plans, illusions and utopias. This «Pure dreams» are different from other festivals, which in the majority in vanity fair. And our
the festival is a search for truth about man and his place in the world.»A.N. Bashirov

The main part of the festival cinema program, under which held run short films and feature films, game, анимационых and documentaries from all corners of the planet Earth. The festival includes two main competition – full-length and short films. Высокоуважаемое international jury отберает best films and awards in the following categories:
1. The main prize in the international Competition of feature films.
2. Prize for best Director.
3. Prize for best short film.
Also the jury may make special mention. In this case, the diploma of the Festival.
The youth jury, which, with its clear consciousness chooses the best film in its judgment.
The second part of the festival – «МузДебош» – a program that will enable all lovers of independent filmmaking immerse in the atmosphere of the most urgent, fresh and fashionable tendencies in the world of music.
The third part – «АртДебош» – program, which includes the exhibition, перформасы, video installations and master classes of modern artists, master-classes of the famous figures of the visual and plastic arts.