age of consent

ART BRAWL. The program uniting artists, people of the media. Asking questions, doubt, require attention and … consent. Includes performances interaction, video performances, video-art, photo and movement.

Exhibition – question

Exhibition – invitation to talk

consent to the opinion

agreement on relations

consent to tenderness

consent to exit

What is your age?

The curators of the third pillar will be the artists Anna and Alexey Gan. They will present to the public the creativity of contemporary artists, such as Masha Годованная, Valentina Lutsenko, the group «Tender Baba», Natalia Счастнева and others.

Program art-дебоша will be held during the festival in the space FORMULA loft project ETAGI (St. Petersburg, Ligovsky Ave. 74, 4 floor)


Ksenia Yurkova. The project «love yearns for beauty»


Man wants to love the beautiful. A person is willing to love the beautiful. A man who wants to love ugly – condemn. A man who wants to love another to condemn. The person who wants to see the beautiful in the ugly – condemn. Love condemn. Beauty – idolized.

Photo collage

Group «Tender Baba» (Alexander Artamonov and Eugene Lapteva )

Video «Ice» and video «pupa»


In a state of hopelessness and despair girl in a white dress, as a symbol of femininity, femininity useless, trying to break the ice. In the Russian language there is an expression “fight like a fish on ice”, meaning напрасность and futility of any actions. And the artist hysterically trying to break the frozen lake that lay their hands, feet and even your body. Futility and hopelessness of this struggle, says about the impending doom обессилившей heroine.

video «pupa»

The paper uses the clothes, the girl wore in the period from 2005 to 2012. Removing the front of the camera one by one thing, it kind of gets rid of most acute experiences and memories, they are associated with. Dresses, skirts and blouses from the category of mass market due to author a gesture to become an art phenomenon. A long painful undressing resembles the process of hatching the insect. The artist, like a chrysalis butterfly, breaks through all layers of individual memory.

Natalia Счастнева project «camera»

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I feel the totality of surveillance over their own lives. Multiply the power of spying, подсматривая for others. My consent nobody asks me how I don’t ask them. Sometimes подсматриваю both to the other. Do with another the same that I do. Unauthorized voyeurism, where the lens – tool in the Arsenal of the скопофилии…

Masha Годованная video performance «receding horizon»

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Using mobile projectors and audio columns of the exhibition space is embedded foreign body liberated video-projection – fields, lakes, blossoming gardens, Gulf, whose prospect opened, whose horizon stretches in depth, freeing the imagination, offering rest eye and раскрепощая mind. Horizons подрагивающих movie landscapes, fixed on overdue, long ago withdrawn from the production of Soviet cinema-the film is shown manually «punch» closed space, reminding the audience of the lost phenomenon of natural boundaries.

The inmates are several people involved. They are dealt mini projectors, sit on the palm, and mobile аудиоколонки attached to them. In projectors downloaded small looping video movies with specially crafted audio tracks. Participants are encouraged to move to the exhibition space and to freely choose the projection surface (walls, doors, and people), distance(from a distance or in closely adjacent to) and the duration of the «show» (fixed or constant motion), and also to create an atmosphere for the projection – synchronous or synchronous.

A person agrees to be, literally, a «bearer» of the image and sound – is given «power» over space, usually it is depressing. For some time he can convert, transform into something new, or remind you of something long-forgotten, lost, fleeting. As a gardener, высаживающий flowers on a bed in a public Park, reminds others of nature, left somewhere outside the city structures, a piece from the entire world, displaced from their usual environment of premises.

Valentina Lutsenko performance «subtle body»

Idea: Valentina Lutsenko, Anna and Alexey Gan

Performance-presence “subtle body” is an attempt to create normal human relationships, unobtrusive, trustful relations between strangers at the level of long views, good co-States, considerate touches.

Participants: трогат-crossover fans of non-formal human relations, dancers, performers.

Ooli Mos. Graphics, poster

Anna and Alexey Gan project defaults»

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