21 and 22 December 2013 McGuffin Film School in the framework of film festival «Deboshirfilm – Pure Dreams» will give a lecture «Basis of Assembly» (December 21, Saturday), and the round table on the theme «film Debut – first steps in independent production» (22 December, Sunday). The lecture will be on a practical example showing the main techniques for installation, and narrated by its theoretical foundations. The lecture will be interesting as it was making the first steps in movies and professionals who can share experience with each other.

Round table «the Debut film of the first steps in independent production» will consider the actual and acute problems emerging filmmakers, will be raised such questions as: search methods and sources of financing, team building, main stages of independent film production in the conditions of Russian reality, promotion of the project. The round table invited students of film studies, Amateurs and young producers. Moderator of the meeting will be Daria Gladysheva, producer, ideologist and leader of the School to them. МакГаффина.

Start of activities: 16:00

Location: the Loft project «Etazhi» (St. Petersburg, Ligovsky Ave, 74)

All interested persons are invited. Entrance is free.

McGuffin Film School

McGuffin Film School is a series of cinema courses, master-classes and educational campuses for those who make movies and watch movies. In the film school one can study in person and ONLINE! All lectures, master-classes and discussions are broadcasted live. Video recordings and texts of the professional cinema lectures are published in the open online library at

The Film School only works with acting cineastes able to comprehensibly explain all the stages of the complicated synthetic process of movie making and regularly conducts lectures on independent cinema production.

McGuffin Film School is an alternative territory for forming an expert view on cinema.

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