independent cinema from saint-petersburg

Pure Dreams Film Festival begins the special series «What is cinema?»

September 5th, 19:00 at Biblioteka (3rd floor), Nevskiy, 20.

We are an international independant film Festival DeboshirFilm Pure dreams. We are 16 years old. 16 isn’t a good round figure, but it is a significant date. We want to dispel misconceptions about process of film making, and cinema in general, and also instill simple film competence to everyone interested in it.

The first lecture of series will be conducted in non-standard format. It is a free discussion of the most important and actual problems of independent cinema, in Russia and St.petersburg and a cultural exchange of personal experience in cinema professions. All members of our discussion are absolutely equal, because every opinion — director’s and audiences — has it’s value and importance in general development of independent cinema.

The destination of our conference is to summarize the ideas and opinions about the subject of the lecture and to finally understand what independent cinema actually is.

The main conferees of lecture are:

Maria Shiryaeva and Alyona Rebezova — animation directors, film Menulis (2012), participated in Piterkit (Fountain prize); St. Anna, Suzdal Animation festival; Festival of festivals.

Olga Vokina — documentary director, film From 18 to 25 (2011), Meteostation (2013)

Anton Sukharev and Yaroslav Kuzin – director and producer, film Dreams (2013)


Konstantin Selin — documentary director, film Bronsky (2012), participated in Piterkit; St. Anna (Best Documentary, Jury prize)


Fedor Druzin — producer, film Saint-Petersburg, participated in Window to Europe

Foma Popov — DP and director, films Troubles, Beastliness, participated in Ost-Westliches Filmfestival (Dimloma)

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