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Dear Cinephiles, We are happy to announce that preparations for the festival are under way. We would like to point out that the foundation for any cultural festivity – is you and your willing and active participation. We have begun to accept entries for our short film, feature film and everything in between for our “Pure Dreams” film festival. Our new website provides a simple application form for applying for participation of your project. We will be accepting submissions until the 15 of October. We eagerly away your projects. Sincerely, DeboshirFIlm Team OUR SINCEREST APOLOGIES, DO TO TECHNICAL ISSUES WITH THE NEW SITE, SOME SUBMISSIONS MIGHT NOT HAVE BEEN RECEIVED IF THEY WERE SENT BETWEEN THE 15TH OF JULY TO THE 23 OF AUGUST, PLEASE RESUBMIT VIA THE ONLINE FORM OR BY SENDING TO deboshirsubmissions@gmail.com